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Local Movers

We are a leading Moving Company in San Jose, San Francisco and the greater Bay Area

Bay Area Moving Steps

A local move in California is a move that takes place within a 100-mile radius and stays within the state of origin. Many factors determine the cost of a local move. Luckily, many of those factors are within your control. For example, how ready are you when the movers arrive? Are all your belongings packed in boxes? Can the truck park close to your home? Any hard to move items? How much packing, unpacking and furniture placement would you like the movers to do for you? More...

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Long Distance Move from and To the Bay Area

Long Distance Moving To and From the Bay Area

A long distance move is a move that is greater than 100-miles from the origin and/or the move crosses a state line. Two factors determine the major portion of the cost of your move. They are the distance you are moving and the weight of your shipment.

Partner Van Lines is able to provide competitive cheap moving rates because we do something called consolidated shipping. Instead of sending a moving van across the country with only your shipment on board, we consolidate your shipment with other customers' shipments. This method of shipping allows you to receive a greatly reduced rate on long distance move or International moving services in the bay area. More...

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Your First Moving Step - Get a Free Moving Estimate

An accurate moving estimate is the key to budgeting for your move. If you are getting multiple estimates, you should make sure that you compare them on an "apples to apples" basis not just the bottom line. Partner consultants will always provide you with a detailed estimate indicating the cost for all of the services requested including third party arrangements, storage or increased liability coverage. Here are a few other points to remember:

Bay Area Moving Estimate
  • The cost of your long distance move is dependent on the weight of your shipment and the distance from origin to destination. The moving consultant uses a published rate schedule as the basis for calculating the cost of your move
  • The cost for local moves (under 100 miles) is generally calculated on an hourly rate (including travel time)
  • Be sure to show the moving consultant every room and storage area so they can accurately determine the weight or CF of your shipment. If it is not possible for them to physically see items stored at another location, be sure to provide a detailed inventory of these additional goods
  • The best way to reduce your moving costs is to discard items you no longer need.

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We conduct Moving Visual Estimate All over the U.S - Get Free Visual estimate

Pre-move survey - Accurate estimates with no surprises!

Moving Estimate

One of the best ways to avoid unexpected costs and to keep you move cheap is to get a binding estimate. Typically, this requires that Partner Van Lines associate will conduct a site visit to your home or business and make an estimate based on visual inspection. This way, we can account for stairs, elevators, difficult street access, and others factors likely to affect the cost of your relocation.

Partner Van & Lines a well-established moving company has the resources necessary to conduct on-site evaluations and to provide you with a detailed account of our moving practices.

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Flexible Pricing Program - for your moving needs

Interactive Moving System

Online Moving System

We also offer you an advanced interactive online moving system enabling you to choose the day of the move, order packing materials, add comment and changes to your quote request. With the Partner's excellent one on one Customer service, your Partner's Personal Relocation Specialist will work from the start to make sure that the total you see in the quote is the total you see on your invoice.

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Moving Insurance

Partner Van Lines offers a full coverage option for your local move

Full Replacement Value, with High Value Inventory

Full Replacement Value coverage, with High Value Inventory With the Full Replacement coverage. All you need to do: list each and every item that you are moving and need coverage for, while declaring the replacement value amount of each item. This is the most comprehensive coverage option available and provides the best coverage. For your benefit and for proper coverage, you must list and declare a replacement value on all of the items that you wish to cover. Items may be grouped together, such as clothing and bedroom sets. Please remember in the event that a claim is filed for any of those sets, the settlement amount may reflect the average value of the declared items.


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Local Storage in the Bay Area

Bay area Storage

Our experience and contacts in the industry allow us to provide the highest levels of service while maintaining the service and personal attention of a local moving company. Partner Van Lines using the best local bay area warehouse and moving storages for your belongings. The local facilities are protected from fire and theft. those storages are only accessible to customers accompanied by Partner Moving personnel. This results in the safest local storage possible for your possessions. More...

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Packing and More

Proper packing is critical to a successful move. Your possessions represent both an emotional and monetary investment which deserve the best care available while they are being moved.

The Partner Team of trained and experienced packing professionals have the proper materials and know-how to assure your possessions arrive safely at your new home. Allowing Partner to do your packing will also save you time when you need it most.

Packing antique for a move

Some items including antique tables, marble table tops and other priceless possessions may require custom built wooden crates to properly safeguard them in transit.

China and crystal are carefully packed in clean newsprint with each bundle placed on edge over a layer of crushed paper in a china barrel. Layers are tiered to fill the carton.

Delicate figurines are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and then wrapped again in clean newsprint. If you wish, extra protection can be provided by the use of specially designed figurine cartons. More...

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Bay Area Move Process

Move process

During your move with Partner, you will be served by several people - a team of professionals working together for your satisfaction.

Coordinating Your Move

Your Partner representative handles many details throughout the process, coordinating your packing dates with the agency crew and equipment, scheduling your preferred pickup and delivery dates, then reporting your personal move information to Partner Dispatch. Your move is monitored by professionals who spend all their time making sure customers' moves are handled smoothly. They will provide whatever support you need.More...

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